Roof Assessment Specialists (RASFL)​
is a certified thermography and building investigation third party consulting firm providing infrared building envelope inspections, consulting and analysis of commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental facilities. We are committed to presenting unprejudiced and unbiased judgment when performing our services to our clients and we uphold the highest standards of integrity, continuing education and professionalism. 

Property of RASFL

Property of RASFL

​Inspection failures:

<-- Insufficient drainage: roof under water.

Phased roofing -->

 Cap sheet not installed during the inner ply application. Blisters, fish mouths and damages by other trades noted moisture intrusion into the roofing system.

Property of RASFLINC

Roof Assessment Specialists infrared Moisture Scans

Property of RASFL

Post hurricane inspections

to assess damages.

​​Property of RASFL

Interim inspection during a hot mop application noted asphalt was too cold resulting in non adhesion of cap sheet.

Property of RASFL

Property of RASFL

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Property of RASFL

Property of RASFL

Our services include non-destructive testing which can determine conditions such as air infiltration, air exfiltration, moisture intrusion, insulation voids and construction defects within structures.

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Inspections include in progress work to ensure installation per specifications AND completed roofs.

CORRECT installations ensures 

manufacturer specifications were followed for warranty issuance.